The FLAirQuality application downloads Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality data from the internet and displays it on a map, one U.S. state at a time. It has access to data for all fifty states plus the District of Columbia. The map shows a small tree icon for each reporting station, color-coded according to the threat to human health at that location.

When you start the application, it loads the last-selected state by default. To avoid stressing the EPA web server and the Forward Loop data cache, the application loads one reporting station at a time, at intervals of approximately one to four seconds If a station is not reporting, there will be no icon. If the available data is not from today, the map will show a half-filled one.


FLAirQuality runs on Apple OS X TM 10.10 and later, on desktops and laptops.

Search for "FLAirQuality" in the Mac App StoreTM or click here.