The FLFileCalendar application displays your files on a calendar according to their modification dates. It can fulfill the following roles: file finder, work reminder, and work historian.


File Finder

The normal file-manager convention is to show files in a folder tree. This can be sufficient if you are very organized, but unfortunately many of us are not. Often we are a bit lazy when selecting appropriate destinations for Save-As operations.

This is where FLFileCalendar comes in. As long as you know roughly when you saved a file, you should be able to find it quickly in the calendar.

Work Reminder

When starting a new workday or returning from a vacation, you sometimes need a reminder of which files are currently in work. FLFileCalendar will do this for you, by listing the files modified on your last day. (Note that it allows you to choose a specific sub-tree and also apply filter strings, so you should not have to wade through a huge list of irrelevant files.)

Work Historian

Sometimes you need to examine the history of a project, to go back and see what was done and when. FLFileCalendar supports this as well. If your sub-tree is of a reasonable size and the storage is relatively fast (particularly if you have a Mac with a solid-state drive), you will be able to scroll back quickly, one week at a time.


FLFileCalendar runs on Apple macOS TM 10.13 and later, on desktops and laptops.

Search for "FLFileCalendar" in the Mac App StoreTM or click here.